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We offer 2 tiers of service and can customize to your needs

**NEW** Community Access - Self Service Plan

For a limited time only get access for only $2.99/mo

Join our slack powered community for access to experts 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  Be part of our member based community of likeminded restaurant owner and have answers at your fingertips.

In addition we will give you access and training to use our software which will monitor your purchases and food costing.  You can even create recipes and as prices fluctuate you will see the impact of these changes on the bottom line of each dish.

Platinum Full Service Plan

Price Flags
- We will track all of your purchases on a week to week basis. We will notify you of any price increases so that you can have an informed conversation with your supplier on the spot. This will allow you to keep your suppliers honest and let you know when you need to make a change in the products you purchase or in where you procure your goods from.

Watch List - Set your ideal food cost and we will keep you notified over time if there are deviations with increases in the cost of goods. Keep a LIVE food cost on all your menu items.

Menu Costing - Breaks down every item on your menu with customizable portion sizes. Tracks the cost of ingredients to show influence on overall food cost.

Price History - Allows you to track price over time to take advantage of pricing and purchasing trends

Inventory Manager - Fully customizable and printable guides allows you to keep a full and up to date value on inventory on hand as well as to track Actual food cost

Invoices - We transcribe and upload all of your invoices which are all available at a click

Feature Template - Save all of your most popular features - Keep up to date pricing info on daily specials

Recipe Input - Create your own recipes and keep track of current batch cost with Live pricing